Maral Root

The Maral Root is cultivated widely throughout Russia and Eastern Europe.  It is an adaptogen – an agent that helps an organism to adapt to factors in the environment and to avoid damage from them as well.  Maral Root is named after the Siberian Maral deer that feasts on it roots.  Since the time of antiquity, Maral Root has been used for everything from improving mental alertness to enhancing physical activity and even surviving the cold Siberian winter. 

People have been using Maral Root for a multitude of reasons.  In ancient Tibetan medicine, the root was used to treat pulmonary and kidney diseases.  During the early 1960’s, people started using it to relieve nervous system disorders.  Researchers have discovered that the roots and rhizomes of this plant contain sterols with estrogenic properties. 

Maral Root For Treating Menopause

As a woman’s body ages, it undergoes some dramatic changes and experiences some serious health risks.  Some of these changes and risks are the result of menopause, while others merely coincide with the onset of menopause. Osteoporosis is a serious disease that threatens about one-half of all menopausal women.  The healing properties of Maral Root can help fight the effects of osteoporosis.

Maral Root, Menopause, And The Menstrual Cycle

Not only do the sterols in Maral Root have estrogenic properties on their own, they also cause increases in estrogen production in the body.  For this reason, this supplement has traditionally been used in the treatment of menopause and PMS, and for the regulation of menstrual cycles. 

The link between menopause and an increased risk of heart attack has been well developed.  Maral Root has properties that protect the cardiovascular system.  In particular, research has shown that Maral Root and other adaptogens can have a significant positive effect on heart arrhythmia. 

The healing properties of Maral Root can lessen other symptoms and health problems associated with menopause, including:

  • Lowered occurrence of some cancers
  • Better mental acuity
  • Improvements to the immune system
  • Increase in muscle mass – essential to preventing the onset of osteoporosis. 

With such an abundance of health benefits, it is no wonder that Maral Root is being used more often in menopause supplements. 

Maral Root Side Effects

As with other adaptogens, side effects are few, and Maral Root rarely causes any serious health problems.  Some side effects can include flushed skin, anxiety, and increased heart rate.  Because adaptogens can counteract the effects of some medicines, it is always advisable to consult a doctor.  If taken on an empty stomach, any herbal medicine can cause stomach upset. 

Maral Root Supplements

Maral Root can be taken on its own or as an ingredient in a supplement.  On its own, Maral Root is extremely expensive, selling for over $26 an ounce in bulk.  Finding a menopause supplement that contains Maral Root as one of its effective ingredients is a much more economical way to experience the benefits of this marvelous herbal medicine. 

The symptoms and health problems associated with menopause are plentiful.  Fortunately, so are the health benefits of the adaptogen herbs, such as Maral Root.  For maximum benefit, make sure your menopause supplement contains Maral Root.


Written by: Teresa Fikes


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